Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mobile Disco Hire for Essex

Being a blog about weddings in Essex, we thought we better tell you about the perfect wedding reception entertainment - the mobile disco.

Most weddings evening entertainment is filled by either a mobile disco or a wedding band. These days a wedding band won't get a decent diary full of bookings without letting the bride and groom hear their work first, either through listening to a CD or seeing them in action.
Wedding bands are great, but the mobile disco can hold a dancefloor packed with celebrating wedding guests and ensure the party is swinging.

When you're booking a mobile disco for your wedding in Essex, never just book one on price alone - the mobile disco will probably entertain your wedding guests for around 4 hours - what else during your wedding day lasts that long - nothing. So why try and cut corners here, we don't recommend it at all.

As with the wedding band, ask the mobile disco for a demo CD of their work, ask them how many weddings in Essex they've been the disco for in the past, and ask them how they usually get their bookings - word of mouth is always the best.

Another thing a lot of brides don't think about for their mobile disco is the lights and sound system - there is a massive difference between a high quality mobile disco rig and a cheap effects system.

Make sure you get a decent mobile disco for your Essex wedding, you'll be much happier watching your wedding guests enjoy the wedding reception entertainment.

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